"Trenches" is a Shane Felux and Stage 9 Productions Film. Shane asked the SpatCave to supply the costumes, props, and FX make-up for the film. The film is a Sci-Fi War movie set in a far off future. Two armies (The Rossdale Alliance and the Kuzaa) are at war over a piece of rock, fighting for a useless scrap of land.


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Daz getting his final adjustments.

Hong messing around with some paint.

A Kuzza equipment case.

Sam licking the Alien head.

Inside the Kuzaa bunker.

Blood splatters on the wall.

Daz shows off with Hong.

Shane chatting with Orlando and Lev.

Scott all bloody again.


Jeff in the Bug suit.

Steve stealing the Alien head.

Relaxing outside the port-a-potty.

Hong, very amused.


Bloody Alien!

Orlando, looking very tired.

Shane and Aaron.

Mercy relaxing.

Kelly in full gear.

Orlando and Lev in the Kuzaa bunker.

The com gear.

Daz in costume.

Kelly again. The lump on her head is real. He went head first into a wall.

Sam and Mercy licking knives.

Tony checking out the scene.

The ladies of Trenches.

Aaron stroking his banana.

Me and Daz.

Me and Orlando.

Orlando getting attacked by Paul.

Stephanie, Orlando and Maureen.

Tony and Scott.

Orlando making kissy faces at the camera.


Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10




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