"Trenches" is a Shane Felux and Stage 9 Productions Film. Shane asked the SpatCave to supply the costumes, props, and FX make-up for the film. The film is a Sci-Fi War movie set in a far off future. Two armies (The Rossdale Alliance and the Kuzaa) are at war over a piece of rock, fighting for a useless scrap of land.


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Erica handling the blood.

Scott chatting with the troops.

Micci gets the big gun.

Me checking Scott's prostate with the BFG.

Maureen and Tony having fun.


Lev's new logo.

Mercy, Aaron and Lev in the cockpit. Tee hee. I said Cock.

Wardrobe racks.

Aaron looking tough.

Tom getting a chemical peel from Graham.

Dylan gets gashed by Nikki.

Dickler. That boy ain't right.

Tom geared up.

Dylan in gear.

And in place on set.

Lev and Aaron getting bloodied.

Daz looks like he's getting ready to slap Hong.

Jenni giving Daz his gloves.


Daz getting dressed.


The he found an unattended Alien head and tried it on.


The Daz Alien kisses Hong.

And somehow, Rossdale troops seem to have access to lip gloss in combat.




Pete and Speedy getting an Alien head rigged to go boom.


And propping up the torso.


Well, that's all the pics I have from the shoot! Be sure to check out the other Trenches pages we have, and check back soon for info about the film when it's ready for release!


Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10




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