"Trenches" is a Shane Felux and Stage 9 Productions Film. Shane asked the SpatCave to supply the costumes, props, and FX make-up for the film. The film is a Sci-Fi War movie set in a far off future. Two armies (The Rossdale Alliance and the Kuzaa) are at war over a piece of rock, fighting for a useless scrap of land.


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Here are the rest of the pics from the shoot.

Aaron getting his first test fitting before the first day of shooting.

Key wardrobe being sorted.

On set, bloodying up the Medic Tunics.

Background Wardrobe.

The Rossdale Infantry!

I just had to jump in for a pic with them.

Casey and Jeff, our Stunt Team.

Hong and Erica.

Our first look at a Kuzaa Sniper!

Aaron, in full Evac Team gear.

Micci, looking very surprised.

And here's what the Kuzaa look like when they've been dirtied up.

A mess of Kuzaa helmets.

The Kuzaa Dirtying process.

Paul, in a trench.

Shane blocking the scene.

Lev and Hong rehearsing.

Troops in the Trench.

A Kuzaa Soldier looks on. Great pic of Matt, by the way!

Our first look at Mercy (Racine) in full gear. Look how clean her costume is!

And here it is all dirty. As she plays with her Kuzaas for the camera.

First Boob Grab on set!

Rossdale Extras looking a little worse for wear.

Scott (Janeski) and his track marks.

Part of the crash site.

A Rossdale Soldier that didn't make it.


There was only really one helmet that was custom, and not easily replaceable, and that was the one being worn by Orlando (Drayce). Of course, that night he was in the scene throwing his helmet down and getting angry, when the helmet rolled into a piece of fiery debris and began to melt.

So Erica had to run back to the trailer, grab another helmet and re-paint it to match so we could continue shooting.

Not a bad job!

And of course, she kept the burned helmet as a souvenir, and had everyone sign it.

A Rossdale extra getting his make-up.

Racine's armor all nice and clean and repaired again.

Micci and Aaron kidnapping Hong.

Lev and Aaron taking a break.


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