"Trenches" is a Shane Felux and Stage 9 Productions Film. Shane asked the SpatCave to supply the costumes, props, and FX make-up for the film. The film is a Sci-Fi War movie set in a far off future. Two armies (The Rossdale Alliance and the Kuzaa) are at war over a piece of rock, fighting for a useless scrap of land.


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Aliens hiding in the rocks.

Sam and Aaron getting too close.

Mercy and the Racine battle damage study.

The bloody foot.

Scott looking very strung out.

Lev bloody and dirty.

Aaron barely awake.

Zombie Scott scaring Hong.

Aaron not happy about being covered in Alien blood.

Zombie Scott on the rampage again.

Mercy and Aaron.

Scott helping Hong take down some Bugs.

Hong playing with the pistol.


Alien head!

Scott and Casey as Aliens.


Alien and the green screen!

Orlando getting dressed.

Lev wanted to graffiti the outside of his armor, but wasn't allowed, so the girls of the Wardrobe Department (Erica, Sam and Jenni) went ahead and customized the inside of his armor.

Erica and Sam dressing Tom and Lev.

On set waiting around.

Mercy all tied up again.

Scott looking confused.

Aaron sleeping.

Hong relaxing.

Tom relaxing.

Scott sleeping.

These are Daz' shin guards. He's so freaking tall, that we had to use two shins pinned together for him.

Here he is in full Kuzaa gear.

Getting dressed by Jenni and Sam.


Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10




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