Shore Leave 25

7/11/03 - 7/13/03

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I had to give Gelf credit for getting the girls to Belly Dance and for playing such great music.

And of course had to thank Miles for helping me attain the highest Bar Tab of the night!

And then of course it was time to go outside and dance some more!

Smoky Heather...

I gotta say, this is definitely some of the best Belly Dancing I've seen outside of Turkey!

"But does it fit into the plam of my hand?"

I guess it does...

Gelf drumming away.

Albie accompanying on guitar!

Kathy and I chatting with Jeff. Kathy looks a little shocked at something he's saying.

Is Victor proposing?

And then Dicky came up to us asking if we knew where he got the huge bruise on his forehead. Of course we didn't, but nice job, Dicky!

And, after four pages of pics, we are done with Friday Night!! That was the first time I ever went through an entire 128 Meg card in one night!

Saturday, Kathy had me arrested and put into Klingon Jail. She had me arrested for not finishing her Slave Leia costume. When the Klingons heard that she would have been wearing it if I had finished it in time, they arrested me for free!

Dicky with Data and Lore!

Then it was time for the nights costumes! Kathy in her Spat Me Down Wonder Woman Costume. I had originally bought it to bring to Mardi Gras, but just could not fit into it! She definitely makes it look better than I would...

And then of course it was time to break out my costume! You guessed it, "Seven of Nine"! Or as I was calling it, "Six of Nine". Later in the night it was further changed to "Seven of Spat", but the thought of there being at least six more of me out there made people cringe. So everyone finally settled on "One of Spat"

Borg Drones are easy prey for girls like Tanya!

As I came around the corner by the elevator, I bumped into Vaughn Armstrong (Star Trek Enterprise). He was quite shocked to say the least.

And of course, while posing for a picture I noticed Suzanne coming around the corner. When she saw me she stopped dead in her tracks. I apologized, thinking she may be mad that we were wearing the same costume, but she informed me that she looked much better in it so she didn't care. Yeah right. I make this look good...

Poor Frank. So sick of seeing me half naked. Poor guy.

Here's Ginger. Since the costume is made out of Liquid Lycra, it's very touchable. And she had trouble keeping her hands off me that night. Then again, so did a lot of people! But she did lend me a Comm Badge to complete the costume, so I was happy.

And of course, Chris, who's seen me in all my crazy naughty costumes so far, and who is probably starting to wonder about me.

Sadly, when she tied me up in her Magic Lasso and made me tell the truth, the only thing that came out was, "Damn, you got big titties!"

Gotta pet the Kitty.

Damn that costume is tight, huh? Now you understand why I was so happy that Revelations gave me a thong. Otherwise I would have had nothing to wear under this, and that would have been a bad thing.

Victor seeing what flavor my costume is.

Dicky being Boob Grabbed!

Freaking out Judson Scott (Star Trek: Wrath of Khan).

And of course, had to be Boob Grabbed by Rrok and White Lioness! These are the people responsible for the "Spat Worship Webpage". Feel free to write him with your stories of how you met me, or how one of my silly costumes traumatized you for life!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, that boy ain't right!

Self shot!

Here Kitty, kitty...

I'm sure there are many evil fantasies going around right now about Wonder Woman and Black Cat. You're welcome.

Time to regenerate...


Klingons get all the chicks.

I don't know what Eric did to her on the dance floor, but Kathy looks pissed!

Shane, the luckiest man alive... I think they're just trying to get parts in Star Wars: Revelations 2, The Search For More Spat!

I think they're trying to initiate a mating ritual with me!

At this point in the night, the DJ's played "Sweet Transvestite" for me. And of course, Kathy MADE me dance to it. Please keep your comments about my Spackage to yourselves.

Careful, boys, this Kitten has Claws!

And what better way to close the Shore Leave page, then with this...

Oh well, there's always a chance that at the next Shore Leave I'll be wearing a normal costume. Of course, the chances of that are pretty slim...


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