Shore Leave 25

7/11/03 - 7/13/03

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Rich really liked this costume, huh? Sadly, we can't make fun of it the way we did the Red Shirt at DragonCon!

Tell me Rich and Shane weren't seperated at birth! They're like Siamese Cousins!

Tanya Shot Blocking Zippy!

Me and Heather.

Dicky enjoying his drink!

After the showing of the bloopers, Shane came up on stage and told everyone that they had a special award that they wanted to give out to someone who put in a lot of work on the film. I looked around the room trying to figure out who they were talking about, and the more he described this person, the more I realized that they were talking about me!

Of course, the award was a Panic Struck Productions Thong! Which oddly came in handy on Saturday night...


Spat and Heather Self-Shot!

And then it was time to change into the Spat Evening Wear portion of the Convention... A huge thanks to my two personal shoppers, Heather and Kathy for helping pick out a whole new wardrobe!

Of course, Kathy and Heather decided to go in School Girl outfits... Evil girls...

When I had a break, Rrok and White Lioness took me and the ECG crew up to their room for some Artomic Cherries!

Rich feeling the aftermath of a Cherry that's been soaking in Everclear for 6 months!

Eric needed a moment to let it settle.

The Klingon showed us how it was done.

Zippy of course decided to show us all up and had EIGHT Cherries. But, that's why he's the Dark Lord!

Victor looking like he just stepped off Bourbon Street!

Heather looking naughty in her Bronx shirt.

Kathy with her favorite Bartender, Miles. She seems to find a new favorite bartender every night!

Boob-Grabbing Captain Morgan!!

The Trekkies 2 crew found Kathy and Heather and interviewed them. Heather being a Con Virgin intrigued them.

Then they decided to follow Kathy around the convention and see the con from her point of view. Later at the bar when hanging around with the crew I started telling stories and babbling like usual...

So Kathy stuffed a napkin in my mouth.

ARRGHH!! Crotch Grabbed!

Damn, them some tiny nipples!

But you gotta love the cleavage!

Bill and Kathy sharing a lick!

Then it was time to dance!


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