Shore Leave 25

7/11/03 - 7/13/03

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Everybody Dance Now!

There's just something about two hot chicks dancing in School Girl outfits that makes me want to take pictures...

"I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Go, Dicky, it's your birthday!

It was tough getting these girls off the dance floor!

Wall flowers.

Chatting with David, the Camera Man of Trekkies 2.

Heather all alone on the dance floor.

Then Gelf showed up and started playing Belly Dance music on his drum, and the girls started Belly Dancing. And as a Turk, I had no choice but to pull up a chair and make sure they danced to my standards!

Agent Smith enjoying the show.

As always happens at Shore Leave, some people like to hang out in the lobby.

Jenny and Zippy. Looks like he's still feeling those Cherries!

And at some point, Shane likes to grope Matt. Happens every Shore Leave.

Ward and Cherie relaxing after a long day of pillaging and wenching.

I'm pretty sure she's making that face because I just mooned her. But I can't be sure.

Then of course, the bar has to close and the fun has to move...


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