"Emperor Palpatine " Appliance


These are items made for an upcoming film titled "Star Wars: Revelations"

Panic Struck Productions asked me to put together an Emperor Palpatine mask for their film. Of course, since they couldn't get an actor up to me for us to mold, we decided to mold this one on my face! I felt that "Revelations" needed more "Spat".

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And now we head to the set to apply it and see how it works!

We headed down to a Studio in Maryland for the shoot.

Here's Zippy as a bar patron.

Frank and Gina jumping off the platform in the Green Screen Room.

Jenny and Jason (John's Brother) as more bar patrons.

Here's me as a TIE Fighter Pilot!

Cat and Ward as Jedi.

And now it's time for the Emperor to make his appearance! Here I am with the foam latex appliances on.

Imperial Officers for me to boss around!


More coloring.

Still more coloring.

And then, 2 hours later, it's done!

Wiring me up with a body mic.

It's good to be the Emperor!

Nice costume, eh? Does this mean I'm in charge of the 501st now?

The Emperor never goes anywhere without his Diet Coke!

"This Cash Machine is broken!"

Sign of the Devil, baby!

Vader is so dead.

I must say, I had the entire crew cracking up the whole time!

And once the shots were over, it was time to take it all off!

Eric was not exactly gentle...

Eric and John all proud of their work that day!



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