"Emperor Palpatine " Appliance

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These are items made for an upcoming film titled "Star Wars: Revelations"

Panic Struck Productions asked me to put together an Emperor Palpatine mask for their film. Of course, since they couldn't get an actor up to me for us to mold, we decided to mold this one on my face! I felt that "Revelations" needed more "Spat".

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Now that the lifecast is finished, we sculpt on the clay Emperor appliances.

First we had Eric sculpt the Emperor's face onto the full lifecast of me. Then I went in and broke it into 5 seperate appliances that Eric cleaned up once they were on the partial casts.

The Chin!

The Cheeks!

The Forehead!

The Nose!

All the parts waiting to be molded.

Here we've divided up the full face cast to mold the cheeks seperately.

We covered the clay sculpts in plaster, and once we had the negatives ready, we removed the clay from the casts and were ready for the foam latex.

Here, John is mixing up the foam latex batch.

Each mold is filled with foam latex and pressed over the cast to make a final perfect appliance which will be placed on my face the day of the shoot!

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