"Emperor Palpatine " Appliance

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These are items made for an upcoming film titled "Star Wars: Revelations"

Panic Struck Productions asked me to put together an Emperor Palpatine mask for their film. Of course, since they couldn't get an actor up to me for us to mold, we decided to mold this one on my face! I felt that "Revelations" needed more "Spat".

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With the mold done, it was time to make the plaster lifecast.

Here, Eric is brushing out any dust in the mold.

Burlap is cut up to use as reinforcement in the final cast.

I'm cutting a length of pipe to use as a handle in the cast when it's done. Burlap is wrapped around the ends to make sure it sticks in the lifecast.

Meanwhile, Eric starts mixing the plaster for the cast.

Once last check to make sure the mold is clean.

John crushing Eric's head.

Plaster is first brushed in to reduce air bubbles.

Then we fill it with the plaster and burlap.

The pipe is inserted and an area is hollowed out to give a better grip space.

As the plaster cures more, we clean it up and make sure that the handle is accessible.

Once completetly cured, the plaster bandages are cut away and discarded.

Then the Alginate is removed and discarded.

In the end, you're left with a cast of my head!

A quick clean up of the edges, and it's ready to be messed with!

Which one is real, and which is the cast??

John looks happy.

Since we wanted a multi part appliance for this shoot, we had to divide up the cast into 5 parts, Chin, Forehead, Nose, Right Cheek, and Left Cheek.

Here the Chin and Forehead parts are blocked off and ready for more Alginate and Plaster Bandages.

Molds are drying.

Once that was finished, we moved on to the Cheeks.

And finally, the Nose.

Once molds of the parts were all done, we made new casts of them. Then we moved on to the sculpting!

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