New York Comic Con '09

2/5/09 - 2/8/09

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What is up with all the photo bombing?!?!

Some more Apathy, because you know you wanted it!

Fire Dancer!

Dennis supports single moms.

I think Drew is trying to make out with me.


This guy walked up, SLAMMED into Anthony, then said, "I have to get to the bar to tip this broad." So Anthony needed to straighten him out on his manners, and then Drew explained to him that you just don't call Chicks, Broads.

More Apathy.

"I'm not touching you!"

Drew just smelled his finger.

Apathy photo Bombs Drew.

Spat looking suave and awesome.

Contemplative Spat.

Angry Drew.

It's a man, baby!!

Drew's really not touching Anthony.

Anthony. Staring. At something.

I think this may be a man as well. The Asian chick might also be a man.


Me and Apathy. I will give that girl credit, she walked all around NYCC that day in those boots handing out fliers, then danced on a bar all night in the same boots. Awesome.

Dennis picks up a dancer!

Anthony and Apathy!

More Apathy.

I have no idea what this is.


Now THIS is a con booth. I'm totally stealing this for Big Apple!

Watchmen Chalk drawings!

Dirty car!

The Big Apple Booth. With Anjali and Maria running things.

Anthony thinking about beer.

Grace on the phone. She and I went to High School together! And she still talks to me, even knowing all the evil things I've done over the years!

Grace and C.C. I went to College with the Banana.

Me and Jasmine Mai. When I asked her for a pic, she actually asked if I was going to post it on! Apparently, she's a fan! So, here you go, Jasmine! And for those who want to see her, I've booked her for the November 2009 Big Apple Convention! See you all there!

Anthony with Marina Sirtis (Star Trek).

Grace and me after the show at the Playwright.

And finally, Anthony texting his feelings to Twitter.

What an exhausting weekend! Big thanks to everyone at NY Comic Con, my volunteers, my helpers, my Wookies, Apathy Angel, Drew, Anthony, Rich, and everyone else who came out to have fun! See you at the next one!


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