New York Comic Con '09

2/5/09 - 2/8/09

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Ahh, New York Comic Con. Not really so much of a convention, to me it's more of a trade show. It's just too huge. Walking from one end to the other takes like 2 hours. BUT, it is an awesome place to shop for all things nerd, to meet and greet some celebs, get some autographs, meet up with your fellow fans, and get tons of goodies and swag for free.

I got some free passes through Big Apple Con so I could promote our upcoming show, and here's the hilarity that ensued...


Before the con even started, Anthony got a call from Aaron Douglas (Chief from BSG) inviting us out to the city for some drinking fun!

Aaron, a girl and Anthony.

Girl and guy.

Anthony with Michael Sinterniklaas (Dean from Venture Brothers, and direct descendant of Santa Claus) giving the "V" for Venture symbol!

I'm not as good at making a V apparently.

I got cropped!

And then scolded the camera man.

We then headed down to the Whiskey Tavern in Chinatown.

I find the longer I hang out with people, the more easily they end up making this face.

Michael and Rob (the owner).

Aaron and Anthony.


Then it was time for some Wii Bowling. Aaron kicked my ass. But in my defense, I had never played the Wii before.



And heading out into the cold.


TMNT!! And a hot Cat Girl in the background!

The con! Yeah, that's all the pics I took at the show that day.

At the bar that night, we met this guy from England. And then we drank ourselves happy at random bars all over the city.

Later that night, I also met an Executive Producer from Adult Swim and made fun of all the Adult Swim shows I don't like!


Apathy Angel! I hired her to hand out fliers for Big Apple because I am a freaking genius!

Watchmen C.C. Banana!

Frank and Ruby as Wookies! I had them handing out fliers as well.

The gang hanging out at the Big Apple table!

Green Lantern got hot! And then there's Captain Hammer in the back, as well as a Hammer Groupie!


Self explanatory.

Chris' socks.

Chatting with Nat over at the Playwright bar.

Something naughty is going on here...

Photo Bombed by Dennis!!

Finger to the face!

Drew is twittering his feelings at being so close to Anthony's butt.

Kim's Boobs.

I have no idea what this is supposed to be.


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