New York Comic Con '09

2/5/09 - 2/8/09

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After partying at the Playwright, it was time to head downtown to Glamdammit! Apathy was dancing there, and the whole Adult Swim crew was partying there.

Terry, Abhay, Dan and Dana

Kevin, Dennis, and some Shockers!!

Terry, looking very happy to be out.

My hand and drink!

Dana and I.

Why do I look so angry?

Molesting Kim while Dennis plays with himself.


That's my Evil Spat face.

Total eclipse of the Chris as I'm looking at the dancing girl!

Dennis with Doc Hammer (Venture Brothers).

My back.

Jennifer from Adult Swim.

Jennifer, me and Dana. And for some reason, Jennifer doesn't look too happy!

The bar.

And Jennifer leaving. I'm sure I did something evil to piss her off.

Me and Dana.

The drunkies!

I assume that someone was trying to take a pic of Dana, me and Drew, but the camera seems to have drifted up to the dancing girl!

Alcohol should be illegal.

Anthony telling me his life story.

If they didn't lean against it, the wall would have fallen down.

Dancing Girl

Look!! I'm actually walking AWAY from the bar!

And then Chris brings me back.


Dana running away.

The bar crowd.

Drew, me and Anthony!


Apathy getting whispy!


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