New York Comic Con '09

2/5/09 - 2/8/09

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Apathy and me, and then Abhay jumped in!

Dana and Abhay.

Two mooks getting in the way of the shot of Apathy.

All the Spat poses you could ever need.

Dina, me and Terry.

Dancing girl.



Drew needs to grow a pony tail like that.\


Everyone loves the hair hat!

"Look how many teeth I have!"

Apathy and her red underarm vapors.

"We're ready to believe you!"

Someone's crotch.

Me and Chris.

Sideways Drew.


I think they were trying to get an up-kilt shot.

Oh, Chris. Trying so hard to be in with the cool crowd.

Me and Apathy.

Anthony and Apathy's crotch.

Chris giving Apathy a buck.

Yo, yo, yo, yo.

No idea.


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