Intergalactic Burlesque Show


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Then it was time to just dance the night away!

Ariel got a hold of the Rebel Helmet prize, and I don't know for sure if she gave it back!

Niall dancing with the wall of fur.

Ariel wearing her underwear, knee high Keds, and a Rebel Pilot Helmet. Odd, but not bad. Good in a sexy nerd way.

Ariel and Jenn dancing up a storm!

Gun girl joins in the fun.

And then Morgan goes over to show her his "helmet".

The bartender and bar manager.

Me and Gigi!

Morgan, me and the blue girl!

Slave Morgan? Nah.

Ray gets a front and back with Gigi.

Jon saying goodnight.

And here's the Hello Kitty saying goodnight.


Big thanks to Lit for hosting the party, Joey Nova and RebelRebel for promoting it and co-hosting it. to Drew, Tony, Jon, Frank, Niall, Ray, Ruby and Jenn for being my 501st crew at the party. Bern, our only Trekker. To Morgan for coming down to party, haven't seen him in a long while. Zorikh for bringing along the Big Apple prizes for the contests! Gigi for being in the Slave Auction and for performing (she rocks!), and to Ariel for jumping in at the last second and wearing the Slave gear for us! Oh, and to Reggie for showing up (he's the only other person I knew by name)!

See you at the next one!

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