Intergalactic Burlesque Show


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Sorry you have to see this, but I hadn't eaten dinner, and then with all the Jack, I NEEDED to eat. Big thanks to Drew for running out to get me a Gyro! It was sooooo good.

Jenn, me and TK-BK!

Me and Gigi!

Jenn and Slave TK-BK.

A pair of Slave Girls. Yummy yummy.

Niall and Slave Ariel.

Reggie and Zorikh holding up the wall.

Ariel up on stage dancing around!

Who really cares what a Stormtrooper has to say.



The party is almost over. But not quite yet...


First up is the Slave Auction! Basically, we had a girl dance behind the curtain, and we announced a bunch of prizes. So you were ACTUALLY bidding on the prizes that we were offering, but the winner also got a dance from the Slave girl! Ingenious! But they didn't know which Slave girl they were bidding on.

Our first winner was Niall! And he got some stuff. And a dance from Slave Ariel!


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