Intergalactic Burlesque Show


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You read that right. Intergalactic BURLESQUE show. What is it? It's a Sci-Fi night at a club called Lit in the East Village that a group called RebelRebel took over and turned it into an awesome night of nerdy naughty goodness! Joey Nova was the main promoter, and he asked me to co-host the show! The headliner for the night was Gigi La Femme and I made sure to bring in some of the Old School Stormtroopers from the local Garrison to come down and party! A lot of these pics are from Ray. Big thanks to Drew and Tony for taking pics with my camera while I was busy. Or was it drunk?

The upstairs bartender trying on a Rebel Pilot helmet. Where are my Stormtroopers to shoot her?

Jon gearing up.

Ray getting his Armor ready to impress the ladies!

Frank getting geared up in his Chewbacca costume.

Niall and Ruby getting ready to party!

Troopers, check.

Tony trying to sneak a peak behind the changing room curtain.

Kind of looks like she's carrying the Trooper away.

Me and Ray!

Jon, me and some random Stormtrooper trying to hide his face. Who could it be?

Tony and Jon.

Bern! Yeah, sometimes we allow Trek nerds to hang out with us. Bern is decked out in his Captain Bucky hat, and Sp@ button!

What a Wookie!

Ahh, to be covered in uncomfortable plastic.



Random chicks!

Me and Joey Nova! Big thanks to him for inviting me down to co-host. What a blast!

Just to note, Joey is not actually wearing make-up. He's actually blue. It was very cold there that night.

Morgan! Be sure to check out Suckadelic!

Reggie, Tony and Jenn!

I think I'm trying to escape.

This guy!

Bern has his phaser out as he's exploring the downstairs at Lit.

Chewie is a MAD chick magnet.

I guess Trekkers get girls sometimes as well. Though she is a Sloppy Chewie Second.

Is she Boob Grabbing him?

Are they rubbing her belly?

Is he kidnapping her?

Is that a Rebel logo between her legs?

And here's Ariel partying down with the boys!


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