Intergalactic Burlesque Show


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Here's some more Ariel for your enjoyment.

Jenn jumps in looking for some attention.

Ariel takes a bite out of TK-BK's Burger. There's a sex joke in there somewhere.


His eyes are glued to her butt! And is he trying to stick the burger in there? WHat kind of party is this?

The ladies of the evening.

The crew!

Ray about to become someone's plaything.

"Close your eyes, open your mouth and I'll give you a big surprise..."

Ahh, they almost look sober, don't they?

Who the hell am I texting?

That's right ladies, it's ALL Wookie.

Jenn and Gigi La Femme in Slave Leia costumes dancing on a pole. It's like every male fantasy all in one pic.

And then the men showed up and ruined it!

Chewie and the chicks!

Ray gets some lovin'.

Watch out Niall, she's packing heat!

Go Chewie, it's your birthday!

And then Ray jumped in.

And then she was left alone.

Does he really needs ANOTHER costume to be piled on top of this mess?

And then this guy claimed Ariel as his prize and left with her.

But Niall brought her back.

Then it was time for Gigi to go on stage and perform. And for some reason, this is the only pic that was taken! I had better have A LOT of video of it, or someone is in a lot of trouble.

Hey, Chewie has an odd shaped skull. Oh, wait, it's Frank!

Jon finds breasts in everything.

Now you know why he wears stilts!


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