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Sunday we headed back to the Con and showed Vaughn his head! He loved it!

Bring me the head of Vaughn Armstrong!

He signed it, then wrote the name of all the different characters he's played on it, then wrote "This is the head of Starfleet" on the top!

And here we are posing.

Vaughn insisted that John, Heather and I signed it as well.

And here it is finally done!

Vaughn kept it on his table until the auction rolled around. Notice how jealous Chase looks! SHe asked if we could do her lifecast at a future convention!

Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Deep Space 9) and I.

And here's Chase with John.


Charity Auction Part 2

And then it was time to do the Charity Auction again.

Heather came up to help me auction off the final item up for bid, Vaughn's lifecast!


Mask Making and Foam Latex Panel

At 3pm I went over to host my panel on mask making. It was listed in the program as starting at 4 pm, but I had been told that the panel was moved up an hour. Of course, the program was wrong, so I started the panel at 3 pm.

I actually look like I know what I'm talking about!

This picture got the biggest laugh of the day! It's a picture Heather took while passing out on the floor from the foam latex fumes because I stole her filter mask!

Here's Heather hiding.

The panel was going good, and I was just about finished as 4 pm rolled around.

When a whole new crowd of people showed up! So I had to do the panel all over again! And yes, that is Eric and Sam in the front row! haven't seen them since New Years!


After the con was over, John, Heather and I headed out to dinner with the Icon Crew.

Of course, since there were going to be 20 of us, we had to wait a bit for a table!

Because my panels were so much longer this time (3 hours for the lifecast, and 2 hours for the mask making one), and I also had the Auctions, and other things going on, I really din't eat much the entire weekend! This meal was a much needed break!

I look so pretty, don't I?


Well, that's it for this year! Hope you enjoyed it! And again, big thanks to Icon, it's staff and crew, my crew, and Vaughn Armstrong for being such a sport!

See you there next year!

And for some more Icon pics, check out David Ng's page!


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