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Well, once again, it's time for ICon! ICon is a fan run convention in Stonybrook, NY. And this year, once again, I was invited as a guest to hold panels and generally run around being silly.

First off, a big thanks to Icon and it's staff, particularly (and in no particular order) Rachel, Heather, Jenette, Mom, and Amanda. And if I've forgotten anyone, I apologize.

I'd also like to thank my crew for helping out with the panels: Heather, John, Eric and Tony.

And of course, big, huge thanks to Vaughn Armstrong for coming to our Lifecast Panel and being our victim!

Below, some of the pics are from my camera, and others are from John. Here are the pics!



There's me and Heather in the car with John following.

When I got to the Con and got my badge, I picked up a program guide and skimmed through it to see if I was listed. I saw the pages with the Celebrity guests, and kept going to the section titled"Additional Guests" and looked for my name. I wasn't listed. :(

Then Dion mentioned how cool it is for me to be on page 22. I looked, and there I was, listed right under Vaughn Armstrong, and above Peter Jurasik and Chase Masterson! How cool is that?

John, Heather and I posing with Peter Giakoumis, director of the Tower Protocol, which we all starred in. He gave us a copy of the film, and a signed poster from the film!

John and Sam.


Charity Auction Part 1

Once again, Icon asked me to emcee the Charity Auction. This year, we were raising money for the Guide Dog Foundation in Smithtown!

Ichi the Killer poster! I have no idea what Ichi the Killer is, but I had a lot of fun just saying Ichi over and over again.

Egyptian art, which I was sure Heather was going to bid on!

Heather, the official SpatCave Studios Videographer for the weekend. Looking sad that she lost bid on the Egyptian art.

We cut the auction 5 minutes early so that Chase Masterson could come out and sing a couple of songs. While John was setting up her music track (he was the only one who knew how to work the equipment), I told the audience that Chase and I were going to sing a duet of "I'm a Little Teapot". The audience, and Chase seemed into it, but I decided to hold out for a bigger venue.

Chase sang "Why Don't You Do Right" from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", and Heather hit the floor after a swoon.

Some more shots of Chase singing.

And here's Heather and Chase.

Tony had the plan of making up a girl in dead Zombie make-up and having her hand out fliers for the SpatCave panels.


Life Cast Panel with Vaughn Armstrong

Last year, I had talked to Jenette of Icon about doing an even bigger panel, one where we actually take a mold of someone's head, right there in front of the audience. She ran with the idea, and since Vaughn Armstrong (of Star Trek Fame) was going to be there, and she knew that he and I were friends, she asked him if he would be our victim! Oddly enough, he agreed!

While we were setting everything up, I asked if Vaughn would entertain the crowd with some music. A little preview of what he would be doing that night at the Cabaret.

Heather enjoying the show.

When he was done, we started the lifecast! I had always thought that Vaughn had been cast many times before, I mean, he did play 11 different characters on Star Trek! But it turns out they only took one lifecast of him. He had one other done in college, so this would only be his third time being molded!

Here we're starting to apply Vaughn's bald cap. Sadly, Vaughn wouldn't just let me shave his head!

More test fitting of the cap. (Photos courtesy of Louis Zegel)

Finally getting the bald cap glued down.

Then vaselining his eyebrows.

Mixing the alginate.

And then, Heather and I apply the goo to his head!

More and more goo is applied. (Photos courtesy of Louis Zegel)

John joined the fun and helped us ensure we covered his head thouroughly.

Once the head is completely covered, we make sure there are no gaps. (Photos courtesy of Louis Zegel)

Ans when we're sure the alginate is set, it's time to start reinforcing it. Or is it?

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If you have any questions, E-Mail me. Spat@spat-nospam-cave.com