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In reality, it's now time to abuse Vaughn!

We are so evil.

Vaughn had no idea that this was going on. (Photo courtesy of Louis Zegel)

In fact, while John and Heather were holding up the signs, I was continuing my patter about the properties of Alginate.

When Vaughn did find out about the signs (the next day), he replied, "No wonder everyone was laughing so hard!"

Of course, these signs were all John and Heather's idea, and I didn't even know about it either! Bad John! Bad Heather!

Heather getting silly.

Once the Alginate is fully set, and the signs are put away, it's time to cover the Alginate with plaster bandages to reinforce it.

Once we finish the front...(Photo courtesy of Louis Zegel)

We swing Vaughn around and do the back! While he was under the mix, I would ask him to give me a "thumbs up" if he was ok, and he would respond. Of course, sice he was covered in plastic bags, his "thumbs up" looked a little odd. I mnetioned that it probably wasn't his thumb! He later told me that I was right, it wasn't his thumb. It was a different finger entirely!

And soon, his head is completely covered in plaster. (Photo courtesy of Louis Zegel)

I kept knocking on the paster to see if it was cured yet. Later, Vaughn told me that if I knocked on it one more time he was going to kick me!

Once the plaster bandages are completely hard, we remove them in two halves and set them aside. (Photo courtesy of Louis Zegel)

Vaughn is almost done!

Here is the removed bandage mother mold. (Photo courtesy of Louis Zegel)

And now we slowly slice the alginate to get Vaughn out.

Little by little and making sure that we don't cut poor Vaughn. (Photo courtesy of Louis Zegel)

He's almost out!

And finally, he's free! (Photo courtesy of Louis Zegel)

Afterwards, we check the mold and make sure it came out ok, and it did!



He's fully out and John is checking out the negative of Vaughn's head. (Photos courtesy of Louis Zegel)

Here it is!

Very nice! (Photo courtesy of Louis Zegel)

Next, we remove the bald cap.

And finally, we get to cut him out of the plastic bags he's wrapped in.

And look, he's none the worst for wear!

Vaughn checking his head.

Next, we put the Alginate mold back inside the plaster mold and then fill it with plaster. (Photo courtesy of Louis Zegel)

And here I am giving Vaughn a big thank you! I was somehow able to convince him to play us another song before he left to get cleaned up for the Cabaret!

Sadly, another panel was on it's way into the room we were in, so we had to clean up really quick, and move the mold out to the hallway for the big unveiling! And guess what the panel was? "How to Stay Home and Play Video Games All Day". Hell, I could teach that! They should just come to my house and learn everything they need to know!

Here we are slowly removing the plaster head from the mold. (Photo courtesy of Louis Zegel)


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