Farpoint '09

2/13/09 - 2/15/09

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What a motley bunch!

Cindy and Anthony.

Trenches guy!

Tristan showing off.

Dawn and me!

Yup. Anthony decided to put on lipstick, and Kiss Cindy's cod! Nice Man Lips!

Little Abe finds a home...

This is what you get at 3am in the hotel lobby!

Blowing bubbles. And no, Bubbles is not some guy at the con!


The "cool" table at the bar.

Awww, so cute.

My Bubble Wand. Jealous?

Yeah, dip that bubble wand. Dip it!


Anthony in his Pillow Fort.

Gareth joins Anthony in the bed.

Who doesn't?

Look, I'm a Firefly nerd!

Annalisa and Gareth.

Drew showing off his anal thermometer.

Cynthia. An awesome Graphic Artist. Hire her!

This photo absolutely spells out the phrase, "Do Want". Anthony spent the whole weekend drooling over that Galactica before finally buying it before we left the con.

Anthony and Drew with the Shark Girl.

Big thanks to Marty for inviting me, Shane for showing Trenches (FINALLY [and it was AWESOME!!]), the crew over at Sci-Fi Hero.net for all the freebies, Drew and Anthony for once again accompanying me on an escapade, Gareth for coming all the way across the pond to see a Farpoint, to the MD members of the Alien's Legacy for showing me such an awesome time, and to everyone else I forgot, thanks! Hope to see you at the next Farpoint!

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