Farpoint '09

2/13/09 - 2/15/09

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The con!

Me and Diz!

Sarah, Dawn and Stephen! It's like a Trenches reunion!

Glowy drink.

Alan did show up at the bar, and his drink was poured into this awesome glowy glass.

Her they are all glowy!

Alan and Anthony!

Massage Orgy!

Drew showing his IQ.

Con chicks in chains. Kerri loves it!

"Smell my finger..."

"It's right behind me, isn't it?"

When Alan left, this girl stole his glass so she could get his spit. Gotta love con girls!

And then I jump in for pics with people!

It's like Abe is tea-bagging this girl. In a way.

Drew using my stamper to get Lottie wet.

Anthony ignoring crazy girl.

Anthony explaining the intricacies of String Theory.

Contemplative Spat.

Elvis Spat.

Spat's Spleen.

Poo face Spat.

Lottie and Cindy tune in Tokyo on Drew!

Me and a very young boy at the bar.

Drew wants YOU. To experience VD with him. VD being Valentine's Day, not Venereal Diseases.

Lottie looks way too happy. She must have done something evil.


The ceiling!

Lottie and Drew.



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