Farpoint '09

2/13/09 - 2/15/09

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This is one way to keep him staying "puffed".

Dicky tries to get a hit off Abe's back bong.

Sand people! The worst!

Colonial Marine armor is AWESOME!!! And available in the SpatCave Store!

Ok, I assume this is some sort of treasure map. Where's the X?

Then I broke out the SpatCave tattoo's (big thanks to Tony for having them made up)!

Tim!! The Geek.

A HERO, screen used Trenches rifle. We auctioned it off for charity at the con!

"Hmmmm.... 'Human Adult Con Goer'? That'll go right to my hips! Maybe 'Human Child' for a starter with some 'Cosplayer Brain Soup'? That shouldn't be too filling!"

"I like cheese."

Anthony finds a new Army buddy at the bar.

Spat Tat!

GarethAbe and Kathleen.

I think this is Bill the Cat. But I'm really not sure.

Spat Belly Tats!!

Tanya tries to swallow my head.

Anthony finds Al Gore as Al hunts for ManBearPig!

Abe dances up a storm and gets jiggy with it!

Spat Tats!

Alan Tudyk (Serenity, Firefly, Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball) with GarethAbe.

Me and Alan. I invited him to come to the bar for a drink. Well, it was Valentines Day, and he was trapped at a con in Timonium!!

I thought all Marines were Exterminators of some sort? I did get to question him on how to take care of the Squirrels living in my attic. He told me to send in the Army. :(

Marty looks a little too happy here. What were you two doing?

Drew and Anthony.

Charles and Tristan.

"Who me?"

Faun boy.

"It's right behind me, isn't it?"

Marty! Big thanks for (finally) inviting me to a Farpoint!

If ever there was a sex act that deserved the title "Devil's Threeway", this is it!


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