Farpoint '09

2/13/09 - 2/15/09

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Ahh, Farpoint! I stopped attending a few years back, after the Snow Con incident (when we got snowed in and trapped in the hotel for 4 days). But when Shane called me and told me he was ready to release Trenches in February but wasn't going to have a party for it, I came up with an idea... Why not have the release party at Farpoint? He checked with Farpoint, and they agreed. I then contacted Marty from Farpoint to see about me coming down and bringing some screen used props for their Charity Auction. He was all for the idea, and offered me some free passes! So then it was time to plan a road trip to Maryland!

Gareth called and said he was looking to come to the states (from the Land of Eng, also known as England) in February, so I told him to make sure it coincides with Farpoint so he could see a smaller American convention.

But first, he spent a day or so with us in NY.


Gareth with a Spas 12.

Belle tries to kill Gareth.

Belle tries on Abe's collar. She'll grow into it...


After 4 hours driving, it was time to party in Timonium, MD. Sounds like a made up element, doesn't it?

That is one friendly Facehugger!

Gareth gets a shot!

Oooh, America!

The Trenches crew at the dinner after the premiere. Zafe, Shane, and some PA we can't get rid of.

And by the way, Trenches ROCKED!! And I'm not just saying that because Shane pays me to.

Abe the Alien showed up! It's his first time in Maryland, too!

No, that's not a set of my armor, it's a set they made out of real METAL! That suit is Stainless Steel!

Abe having a beer.

Anthony can not keep his eyes open in a photo!

Looks like Drew has a way to fix that!


Teaching the Boob Grab!

The only way to understand this pic is to see the video...

Drew, starting to drift off..

"I'm going to make your head explode with my mind brain...."

Chilling on the hotel sofas.

Awww, what a cute couple. Couple of what, I have no idea.

Drew is fading.... fading....

Yes you are, Abe. Yes you are.

Tristan and Charles.

Anthony looks like he's trying to prevent something from entering his body through a hole that is "exit only".

Drew almost falls asleep!

Where is her hand going?

Open wiiiiiiiiide...


Saturday, I actually wore Trooper Armor!

Here's some proof that I'm a Stormtrooper! (pics courtesy of Dion)

While I was doing that, Drew and Anthony got dragged into a game of "Shark Attack". Basically, the ended up having a girl put on a cardboard shark mask and then bunp into them making a "Nommm Nommm" noise.

Ahh, a set of Kuzaa armor from Trenches for the Trenches Q&A panel!

Then we geared up in Colonial Marine gear.

Absolutely BAD ASS! (photos courtesy of Stephen Lesnik)

"It's right behind me, isn't it?"

A signed shoulder bell!

Even Abe likes it!

Then we all geared up in armor and went on a bug hunt!


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