Wizard World East


5/30/03 - 6/1/03


Generally, I spend my time at Sci-Fi and Horror based Cons, but avoid the Comic Cons because I'm really not that big a Comic Book fan. What a mistake that was!

A whole lot of people invited me down to Wizard World, and I wasn't planning on going, but at the last minute, Dennis (see the Mardi Gras 03 page for info on him) managed to convince me that this was a Con that I could not miss. And I must say, he was right!

At the absolute last second, as I was packing to leave for the Con, John called me and decided that he had to go with me, only because Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, Jersey Girl) was going to be there.

Well, enough of me babbling, on with the pics! (Now with more Babbling!)

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Sidewalk street sweepers! The City of Brotherly Love knows how to keep it clean!

The Jay and Silent Bob NASCAR!!

Sadly, those are the only pics we took at the Con on Friday!

At one point, John and I wandered out onto the loading dock with Dennis for a smoke, and while out there, who should walk out to light up? Kevin Smith himself. John's normal air of coolness was shattered being less than ten feet from Kevin. John turned into a little schoolgirl standing near the boy she had a crush on. It was very cute. In an icky sort of way.

After the Con ended, Dennis, John, me and Hey, James wandered around Philly drinking and wreaking havoc.

Dennis accidentally kicked this girl in the butt, so she decided to get revenge!

After she cursed us out in Japanese, she gave us the lowdown on the cool places to hit in Philly.

Hey, James (that's his new name) is a sculptor for the Hero Clix games, and I'm hoping the blackmail photos I have of him drunk wandering the streets in his underwear will convince him to make a Spat Hero Clix! Who wouldn't want one of those!

And of course, had to do the Boob Grab! First one of the weekend!

Of course, Hey, James and her had the same last name, so we figured they must be twins! So they're geeking out making their Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Form of, a Nerd! Shape of, an Ice Sculpture of a Nerd!

She asked to see the pic we took of her at one point, so I handed her my Digital Camera so she could make sure the pic met with her approval. Of course, I hadn't backtracked to the correct picture. So when I handed her the camera, it had a picture of Hey, James on it instead! She looked at the pic, and said, "Damn, I'm one hot looking black man!"

Me and John!

Damn, Dennis looks like he got rode hard and put away wet! And why is Hey, James smiling so much? Makes you wonder about those two...

Self shot!

Damn, we were drunk!

Uh oh, I think he's gonna hurl!!


It was this guy's birthday, so we decided to abuse him!

You go girl!

You know, Philadelphia is called the City of Brotherly Love, and it was also voted the most rude city in the US a few years back (NY got second place). But I must say, everyone we met that weekend was super nice!

And of course, after a night of drinking in Philly, what time is it? Well, it's 2 am, because that seems to be when the bars close, but it's also time for a genuine Philly Cheese Steak! And where do you go for a genuine Philly Cheese Steak? To either Pat's or Geno's! Pat's had the bigger line, and looked more subdued to us, so that's the place we chose to try.

That's some line for 2:30 in the morning, huh?

Ahh, the nice people you meet in line for greasy, cheese whizzed food!

I think Dennis was trying to see if she was as red as his shirt, but it did look pretty odd having her on her knees while in line for a "Cheese Steak" (if you know what I mean).

"We're not touching you, we're not touching you..."

Dennis, conveniently moving out of frame...

Damn this is a long line...

Self shot with a Crescent Dennis on the rise.

It's like ordering from the Steak Nazi!

Cheese Steak!!

After that, it was a quick Taxi ride back to the hotel, some sleep, then back to the Con because Saturday was Kevin Smith day!


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