SheVaCon 2011

3/3/11 - 3/6/11

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Morgan and her new Squirrel.

No, not a Squirrel!!

These guys love their smokes!

Little robot!

Dog in a hat!

He's like a big baby on the floor!

Lynn gets mousy.

Tim, Sink and Black Sink watch the second game of Kill Dr. Lucky!

Look at all these people looting through my house!!

And the killer is....

Then we headed to the 501st party for some Rock Band!

Look! I'm singing! Story of My Life by Social Distortion is one of the few songs in my range these days!

Heidi rocking the bass behind me.

Super Zoom!

Giggy on drums! This guy was sooooo much fun to watch drum!

Please, no autographs.

Play on, playa.

Drew looking very sober for some reason.


Relaxing at the party after a long day at the con!

Shout out for one of their buddies overseas.


Dr. Who has really helped skinny, dorky people costume.

Check out my Dr. Lucky shirt!

SheVaCon shot glass!

Matt Busch Slave Leia that I won in the 501st Charity Auction!!

Cindy sings!

Michelle jumps in to run another auction.

Drew, the photo bomber!

Typo! It's supposed to be SPAT with Battle Droid!! Duh!

Elevator Party!!


Of course, a few seconds later the elevator got jammed and we were trapped for a few minutes! Big thanks to Z for prying the doors open. Although, had we actually been trapped there, we would have eaten like kings for months!!


And here's the set-up for the main SheVaCon Charity Auction!

1/6 scale Speeder Bike customized by Matt Busch!

And the Tauntaun sleeping bag! Which Drew won, by the way!


Well, that's it for this year! As always, we had a blast! Big thanks to Lynn, Gina, Jennifer, Matt, Stacy, Tim, Bruce, Lee, Andy, and everyone else at SheVaCon for all your hospitality! See you all next year!

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