SheVaCon 2011

3/3/11 - 3/6/11

SheVaCon!! As usual, SheVaCon is the start of con season for us. We had to miss last year due to work, but this year we were back in style and packing heat! Drew, Anthony and I hopped in the SpatMobile and headed to Roanoke where I was set to be a Guest of Honor, and the MASTER of Ceremonies!!


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First things first, time for Waffle House!! People forget that us Northerners don't have Waffle House's, Sonic's and all that other awesomely strange restaurants!

Sheetz Coffee House? Is that like the White Supremacists Coffee? What sizes do they come in? Initiate, Acolyte, Grand Dragon? Needless to say, we don't have Sheetz in NY, so we found the Coffee chain to be very amusing, and it gave us hours of jokes!


We arrived at the con at like 2am, got some sleep, then headed out to do some shopping. We wanted to go hit a gun range, and were told about one range up in the Mountains. About halfway there, we were all thinking we had made a mistake, as it was so far away that we worried about getting back to the con in time for dinner. The place we found was a State Run, UNSUPERVISED Gun Range. Basically, it was a shooting area carved into the side of the mountain and you can go and shoot for free. We (of course) dropped cash in the Donations jar.

The only downside was that there was no place to buy targets! And we didn't think to bring our own, so we had to root through the garbage for things that other people shot at!

Anthony taking out what was left of a stuffed animal we found.

Twelve Gauge Auto Loader.

Drew and Anthony talk guns.

Drew tries out the SPAS 12 one handed.

Drew rocks the Glock.

Baby Glock with a 32 round extended magazine!!

Squirrels!! Kill them!!

Spent ammo = Good day.

We headed back to the hotel for dinner and then the SheVaCon preview party!!

My custom badge! It's become a SheVaCon tradition that me and my crew all get custom made badges for the shows! This year mine has me as Bender in a smoking jacket. Notice the mustache on Bender! Also notice the awesome Marilyn Zombie art by Matt Busch!

Kristie in her Sexy Kashyyk Biker Scout costume!

Drew going UP!

The balloon is so we can find him in a crowd.

Anthony looking like he did something evil.

Pine Cones!

Group Boob Grab!

Drew offends the locals.

Spat! Finally a picture of me!

Aimee looking normal.

Aimee actually sitting on my lap! Scary!

Room Parties are such social events.


As my first MASTER of Ceremonies duty, I was to MC the Virginia Hey panel! Virginia is best known as the Female Warrior from The Road Warrior and Zhaan from Farscape. Here's a pic of her mooning me. She's very classy.


Drew shopping the Dealer's Room for things to throw at Rich's nuts. Long story.

Then it was time to set up for the Zombie Face Off Challenge! This is a panel where a bunch of people compete to make a Zombie in a half an hour!

Drew models some of the clothes that were picked up at Good Will for the challenge!

Contestants #1.

Contestants #2.

And Contestants #3!

Who will win....


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