SheVaCon 2011

3/3/11 - 3/6/11

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Working on my Zombie!

Team 1 working...

Team 2....

And here are the final Zombies!

Waiting for the judges....

And the winners! Woo!!

We headed out to Taco Bell for some grub, and spotted someone with the license plate V-Gan getting some tacos!

After dinner, it was time for.... KILL DR. LUCKY!!

Kill Dr. Lucky is a Live Action Board Game where players have to move through a mansion and catch Dr. Lucky alone in a room and then.... try to kill him! Oh, did I mention that I'm Dr. Lucky?

Drew with Heather (Baby SheVa).

Heather packs heat. She's our trophy girl. Literally, she hands out the trophy's.

Drew waiting for Dr. Lucky in the Dinning room. Yes, the Dinning room. It's an old typo that was left in the game for nostalgia!

None can kill Dr. Lucky!

Drew with his war face.

Z makes a new friend.

Anthony checks out the Desert Eagle.

Tim holds up the wall.

And the Killer is...

After the game it was time to go back to the room so Anthony could break the balcony door.

Then it was time to put Z in his bag so we could bring him out into public. It's a law.

Z and I each swigged. Guess which bottle is which. Spoiler alert! I don't do shots.

Since it was Mardi Gras weekend, Gina got a King Cake! And Drew found the baby! It sounds sick, but I assure you, baking a baby into a cake is an actual tradition for Mardi Gras!

Anthony gets into a threeway Boob Grab.

Michelle put a diaper on the baby.


Check out all the awesome at the Aliens Colonial Marines Table!!


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