SheVaCon 16

2/22/08 - 2/24/08


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This is the guy that broke the PS3. Bad man.

Just a little trashy.

Me and Luke.

You can tell it's a party when everyone has to see if their deodorant has failed them.

Me and Lynn!

A picture of a picture! It's like the 5th dimension!


Aimee (kind of sober) and Drew (mostly drunk).

Juarez and his Toof.

We headed up to some room parties when the bar closed, and next thing I knew, it was "Lick the Tattoo on the Chick" time!

That's my ass! You know you like it!


Look, I've been tattooed!

Luke and his Aliens shirt!


Poncho and Jessica.

Drew is a mad chick magnet.

She just can't keep them in her shirt!

Me and Sarah. Not only did she win the Spat Award at the Masquerade, but she also jumped in as a Helper Monkey during the Charity Auction!

A nipple.

Sarah dancing around.

Somebody can't keep their clothes on!

Women love me, girls adore me...

Rodriguez chatting up some ladies in the Con Suite.

Luke and Crashley getting friendly.


The Master has been kissed.



Jon finally gets to touch a woman.

Enrique and Heather.

Well, this was the last shot of the night. After that, we got kicked out of the Con Suite, and wandered around for a while until falling asleep somewhere.

Sunday we had our Live Lifecast panel, and we made a mold of Savage's face. The face we made will be cast in latex, glued to a pillow, and then sold at DragonCon! Just wait for that!

Voltron R2!

And finally, Robby again!


After that, it was time to hop back in the van and drive 8 hours back to NY.

Big thanks to my SpatCave team, Drew, Cat and Antonio for all their help!

Huge thanks to everyone at SheVaCon for inviting me and taking such great care of the Master of Ceremonies! Gina, Andrew, Lynn, Tim, Yellow, and everyone else I'm forgetting, thanks for everything! Also, thanks to everyone from Garrison Tyranus and the Ohio Garrison for making the weekend so much more blurry.

Hope to see you all there next year! Your Master of Ceremonies bids you farewell!


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