SheVaCon 16

2/22/08 - 2/24/08


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The Mixer was also a Karaoke party, and since I am the Master of Ceremonies, I was put in charge of the mixing! We didn't have a master list of music, so I kind of just grabbed people at random, stuck them on the stage and then played whatever music for them that I wanted to!

Singing fools, all of them!

The crowd!

Crazy Crooners!

Check out the button that Cat bought for me! It says, "You may call me Master!"

Aimee and Michele.

Joe, the man in the skirt!

Aimee, looking very unsober.

Aimee and Savage get hungry for some candy!

You'll notice that Aimee has taken off her sweater in the second pic.

My Little Pony!

Tito and Mike enjoying the off-key singing.

Drew gets a kiss from Sanchez.

Look at how awesomely I Master this Ceremony! Any Ceremony I find, I Master!

After that, we wandered around, hit some room parties, and ended up playing Rock Band for a while. Until some guy walked by, tripped on the cords from the PS3, and knocked it off the shelf it was on. It split open at the seam, but once we got it back together, it seemed to work ok. They were able to find the guy who caused it, and he promised to pay for the repairs. Well, it was either that, or live his life with some Rock Band drumsticks embedded in his skull.


Saturday morning found us having breakfast at the bar and using this hot sauce bottle. Eww.

Robby the robot! I always get so jealous of the Robot Builders at conventions.

Davia as Hannah Solo maybe?

Pepe enjoying a quiet moment.

Michele as a TIE Pilot.


Luke, our newest Colonial Marine! Colonial Marine armor available in the SpatCave Store.

A light house!

Rule #12, never drink things poured from some random Dude's flask.

Saturday night had me Mastering the Ceremony of the Masquerade. They even let me give an additional prize to the most naughty Spat Costume in the bunch! That costume went to Sarah, as the Bondage Ballerina.

After the Masquerade, I was asked to Master the Ceremony of the Charity Auction!

One of the items that was donated to the auction was Sarah's Bondage Tape Costume. I forget who won it, but it was gifted to me.

After my Master duties were over, we headed back to the bar!


Gotta love bars in Virginia, even Colonial Warriors can smoke cigars in them!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, chicks on chicks, seen it before.

I don't know what they're doing exactly, but it looks scary.

Emilio and his Tuesday 3:13 shirt.

Cat at the bar. She got proofed a lot.

My team of Minions! Pablo, Pony and Cat.

Tim, doing his "This guy" pose!

Drew and the Drunk Girls!

Joe, still in his skirt.

The 2012 Olympic Shocker Team.

Another tattoo. There were a lot of those being passed around.


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