Revelations Premiere



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Well, it's been 2 years or so in the making, but it was finally that time! That's right, Revelations was finally done and ready for viewing!!

To see the film, be sure to check out Panic Struck Productions!

Eric, Sam, Rich and I headed down to Baltimore for the debut of the film, which included a red carpet theater premiere, and a really swanky, black tie after party!

The pics below are from Brianna, Heather and me. Rather than label each pic as to who took it, they're all just lumped in. Too bad.


Here's Eric getting ready!

Sam waiting for the men to hurry up and get dressed.

Rich checking his girth.

And finally, me. Dressed normal for once!

Before we left for the theater, we hit the Hotel bar for a quick drink.

Then a quick stop at the Afro Hut to get our hair done, and it was time to get to the theater!

Here it is! The Senator Theater all for us!

Troopers and a red carpet awaiting the stars.

Me and R2 outside.

Matt ushering people in.

Cat with Dion about to take a pic of the back of her head.

Zippy with his fan club.

And me. Yes, I stood up for the entire duration of the film. Didn't want my jacket to get wrinkled.

After the film, we all headed over to "One", the club hosting the after party. Here's Heather and Brianna posing.

Of course, since we are showing pics from three cameras, you will see a lot of the same pics mutliple times, from various angles. It got really tough being able to tell which camera was about to snap first, so you'll see a lot of people looking the wrong way.

Tim looking suave.

And then attempting a very difficult "Under Arm, Left Handed Boob Grab" on Jenny. Kids, do not try this at home.

Bond. Spat Bond.

Shane and I. He was running around a lot that night schmoozing.

Heather and me.

Brianna and me. Brianna of course wearing her Bumble Bee dress.

Jenny and I from 3 angles.

And Zafe and I from 3 angles.


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