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10/19/02, 11/9/02


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Like being at the bottom of a well.

Fett Photo.

Getting close to the end.

The DP, Jack setting up for some of the final shot.

Holding my new "The One" helmet.

Look at Meghan striking a pose.

Where did Jack get McDonalds??

Getting ready for the final shot!

Man it's been a long day!

Matt grabbing a smoke.

Almost done for the day!

Jack looking confused.

I'm looking forward to seeing it when the green screen effects are added in.

Nice Boussh!

And here we are, it's all finished, so it's time to wrap!

And on the ride home, we spotted a rainbow! Couldn't catch it!

Man, what a long weekend!


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And be sure to check out the folks at Panic Struck Productions. When the film is ready to be seen, I'm sure they'll let you know!



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