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10/19/02, 11/9/02


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The shoot was taking place in the basement of "The Shark Club", a nightclub in Centerville, Virginia.

Some more bar patrons.

Shane taking a nap before his scene.

Gina, Frank and Shane rehearsing.

Shane Directing the talent.

A whole lot of waiting around during the day!

Extras everywhere!

The Wardrobe department's set-up.

More extras.

Cherie as a Corellian Officer.

We ended up using 17 masks in the film. 7 worn by Eric alone!

More Club goers.

Eric set up a little booth to sell some charms and pendants.


Meghan in make-up.

And of course, me getting ready for my big scene.

Matt helping with the final touches on my make-up.

Waiting for the camera's to be in place.

The prop department.


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