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10/19/02, 11/9/02


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No Pictures!

Mmm... Sushi....

The wall of heads.

Spat ready and waiting. My part in the film was a huge acting stretch for me. I played the drunk guy at the bar trying to pick up girls. Completely out of character for me, I know, but I think I pulled it off!

The make-up department.

An empty booth.

A full booth.

Shane checking the scene.

A sleeping Wookie.

Shooting the scene from another angle.

Eric the Human Fly!

Eric again.

The happy couple. Aren't they cute?

The wardrobe department did a great job finishing the look of the Aliens.

Nick getting geared up.

Dancing girls! Now this is a party!

Cherie and I getting ready for a scene.

Corellians at the bar!


Bar chicks!

Bar flies.

Smoke break.

Gina and Frank between shots.


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