Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con '10

6/9/10 - 6/12/10

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Sunday is the last day of the con, and the day when everything is moving like a well oiled machine. So I get some time to actually get some pics for myself!

Here's Dana with Clare Kramer from Buffy!

Me and Clare!

Dana with TNA Wrestler, Tara.

Me, Keegan and John deLancie from Star Trek!

John punching me from 2 angles!

Me and Ernie Hudson!

Then I had to head down to the Patrick Stewart panel. If you weren't there, you missed Brent Spiner crashing the Questions line and asking some awesome questions!

And at the end, Patrick took his England Football Shirt, signed it, wrote the score from the US/UK game and we auctioned it off for charity!

While most of our Volunteers were getting their Volunteer shirts signed, these two were getting something else signed!


And then the show was over!

The wristband comes off!

Me and Anthony.

Froggy and Anthony getting too close.

Max becomes immortalized in the restroom at The Irish Pub!


Me and Ashley.

And finally, the Katz's.

Here's some art that I was given this weekend...

Hulk Smash by Guy Dorian.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Spat by Primo.


Well, that's the end. I can't tell you how amazing a time I had this weekend. The show was packed, everyone had a blast, and now it's time to prep for Chicago!

Big thanks to all my Volunteers, my helpers, to everyone that came down to the show, and of course, to Wizard for actually paying me to do something I love!

See you next time!


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