Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con '10

6/9/10 - 6/12/10

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Back at the con, we literally broke EVERY attendance record EVER!! The place was PACKED!!!

Here's the wall of the Microsoft Kin booth.

Check it out.... Picard meets Data! SWEET!

One of my Marines!

Besides Patrick Stewart, we had a few other really big guests. Including James Marsters, Adam West, and this man...


After setting up his signing, I headed down to host the Costume Contest!

He may be Batman, but I'm Spatman!

These Zombies must be really hungry to be wasting their time on my puny brain!

After the con closed out, we headed to The Field House for the Zenescope 5th Birthday Party/Wizard World Masquerade Ball!

Here's Tatiana in her Red Riding Hood costume!

And here are our Con King and Con Queen winners!

Aww, so cute!

Me and Ben! He's a member of the Spat Fan Club!

Dana in her twisty dress.

Larry Thomas (The Soup Nazi from Seinfeld) as The Big Bad Wolf!

Me and Tatiana.

Anthony and Z with Bruce Campbell. Yes, Bruce Campbell came to the party.

Mike and Bruce. Mike is the model for the Sgt. Rock comics!

No idea why Geoff is wearing goggles. Doesn't want any Spat in his eyes.

The Con Crew! Me, Kitty, Dana and Ruby!

Tatiana and Bruce!

Gotta love this guy!

Me and Flynn!

Me and Max Wasa!

Max in (what's left of) her Little Red Riding Hood costume!

Larry and Max!

Larry, Max and Chris. Chris threw the party!

Chris, Larry, Max and Ralph! Ralph runs Zenescope!

Lucky, lucky man.

Bazza as the Green Bad Kid!

Me and Denise! And you can actually see my M&M Pajama bottoms!


Suicide Girl! We love Suicide Girls!


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