Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con '10

6/9/10 - 6/12/10

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Wizard World changed the name from Wizard World Philly to Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. Big change, but an even bigger change was in the actual show! Huge guests, record crowds, and an amazing time had by all!

Here's the scoop!


After arriving at the hotel and checking in, we headed over to our favorite spot in Philly, The Irish Pub! After last call, a guy we just met names Seamus invited Anthony, me and 4 random bar girls to come with him to an After Hours place. After about 15 minutes of following behind Seamus while he chatted on his phone leading us down strange back alleys, Anthony honestly believed that we were about to get jacked. I tried to talk him out of it, but he was sure that we were being led into an ambush. So he walked up behind Seamus and was about to grab him when Seamus announced that we had arrived!

Here's Marianne, one of the girls who followed us from the Irish Pub!

The After Hours place was awesome! And I will never in my life be able to find it again.

A shot of Philly at 4:30am.

Our tour guide, Seamus. Sorry we doubted you and almost clubbed you to death in a back alley!


After a day spent orienting the Volunteers and stuffing swag bags, I bumped into Bazza and Matt from the Bad Kids Go To Hell comic. They made Exclusive Swag just for our Volunteers!

How awesome is that? These are the only guys that ever think about the Volunteers getting goodies (other than me). So these are the rarest of rare collectibles from the show, as you had to be a Volunteer to get one!

Back at the Irish Pub, Z found a pussy to rub. Cat! Pussy Cat!


First day of CON!!! It took a lot of prep to get the show ready, and the crowds were there! Lately, Friday is becoming a very busy day at our shows. So busy, that I didn't get any pics from the show. :(

But after the show, we headed over to The Field House for dinner and a drink or two, then over to the Zombie Beach Party at the Troc!



These guys don't look too out of place!

It's Alan and Brian! We all went to C.W. Post together!

My Philly ShadowSpat, Dana.

Geoff from Shocker Toys!

Well, it is a beach party!

It was actually funny how the smell of blood and latex sent me back to my days of doing make-up!

At least he's safe in case of a water landing!

Little Zombie Buddy!

Dana again.

Oooohh.. topical.

Oh, no! I got red on me!

Then it was time to head back to The Irish Pub.

Women just can't resist a sweaty guy in a bowling shirt with a drop of blood on his cheek! Why is she giving me the finger?


The Irish Pub!

Rich and Lance, the wallflowers.

Looks like Z got kicked in the nuts.

And Ruby is happy to say he did it!

Me and Little 1, almost out of frame!

THIS guy!

Me and Ashley! She's the waitress at The Irish Pub who brought a huge stack of fliers over to the con so we could give them out!

Froggy, me and Ashley!

She looks like she's trying to squirm away!

Bazza, Geoff and me, crammed into a corner!

I have no idea what this pic was about.

Me, Dana and Little 1!

And when Ashley walks up with the check, you know it's the sad time of the night. Time to pass it off to someone else!

I can't believe she's touching him. Doesn't she know where he's been? Ewww.

They can touch each other all they want. They're both filthy.

Anthony and Lance!

No caption needed.

Checking the heft?

Froggy thinks Geoff is a little girl because he can't down a pint every 12 minutes. And since it's $2 pints at The Irish Pub!

Me and Bazza!

Ashley and Bazza. And Ashley got Lei'd.

Geoff, nursing his pint.

Dana, Little 1 and Anthony.

Boob Grab!

Dana and Froggy!

Our bartender!!


And some Bad Kids From Hell tattoos!


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