Panty Party


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Well, on the way home from the Revelations Photo Shoot in Maryland, I was going to be heading straight to the party you see below, but Heather wasn't feeling good, so I dropped her off and headed to Fiddlesticks in Manhattan to meet up with the members of the Empire City Garrison (of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion) for a few drinks. When I got there, they were all just leaving, so we hopped in two cars and headed to the Panty Party at Opaline.

At the light, Frank pulled up along side me with his car and someone jumped out, leaned in my window and started hugging me furiously. I couldn't see who it was, nor could I see the road in front of me. When he finally leaned back out, I saw it was Keith (an ECG member that I haven't seen in a while), and I noticed that the light had turned green. There was no one in front of me and the cars behind us had started beeping! Keith ran over to Frank's car as Frank started driving away! Keith followed for a while, then finally Frank stopped. Keith jumped onto the back of Frank's car, but couldn't get a hold as Frank drove away again! Finally, Frank stopped, Keith jumped back in the car, and we continued on our Panty quest!

Some of you may be wondering, "What the hell is a 'Panty Party'?" Well, it's a party at this club in Alphabet City called Opaline, where if you check your pants at the door (effectively wandering around in your panties, or undies), you get 2 for 1 drinks all night. Since one Jack and Coke cost $8, I was sorely tempted to start stripping!

Woo, freaky! Forgot to turn the flash back on!

Here's me driving! Weee!

Here's me and Keith!

And here's the Go-Go dancer that was on the bar all night. Needless to say, we didn't wander too far from the bar for most of the night!

Well, since I did take a picture, it's only right that I give her a tip!

Me and Rich!

Me and Nat! Natalie had come over from Germany with three of her friends from the German Garrison of the 501st. Of course, they got pretty drunk!

Me and Christian. He's the former FNG, current XO of the ECG.

Me and Jonathan!

Me, Frank and Jonathan! Hey, didn't these guys both used to be in charge of the ECG?!?!

Don't worry, folks, I'll be coming back to her every few pics on this page.

This is Mike and Sven. We decided to call Mike "Rockhound" all night. He kind of gave us that Steve Buscemi from Armageddon vibe!

Rich, Chris and Lance!

"Psst, she's a guy!"

German Stormtroopers! How wierd is that?

Niall helping out the dancer!

Woo Hoo!! And here's where Jon gives me a dollar!

Niall and me!

And then we hit the dance floor!

And then the Germans discovered the stage!


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