Revelations Photo Shoot


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For those who don't know, Revelations is a Star Wars Fan Film being made by Shane Felix down in Maryland. It's coming along great, but still not due out until April 2005!! Be sure to head to the Revelations site and check out the new Trailer! It's awesome! I play the Biker Scout who gets shot, and the Emperor. There are also some pics of the work we've done on the film HERE.

I heard from Zippy that they were doing a photo shoot for the cast and crew, as well as taping interviews for use later. Seems my e-mail got lost on the Information Super Highway. I think they were just scared of what I would say!

Either way, Heather and I headed down to check it out. Here are the pics!

The Good.

The Bad.

The Spat!

Since I did my thing last time promoting Diet Coke while dressed as the Emperor, it was time for Zippy to show that Vader does the "Dew".

Some sweet costumes, huh? I bet they all thought that since shooting was over on the film, they were never going to have to wear them again!

Matt doing my make-up. Right before he got yelled at for touching someone else's brush!

Dale getting a pic of Matt getting his ass kicked by the make-up girl.

Matt getting the Vulcan Mind Meld.

Damn, that's one big Vader!

Gina advertising for Coke!

Dale and Matt.

"Hmmm... what silly things will I say during the interview?"

Nick, poster boy for Burger King.

Shane, trying to steal the Burger King endorsement from Nick.

Gina doing Karen's hair.

Zippy trying to figure out how to get his helmet on. It's been a while.

The Evil characters.

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