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I must say, the DJ was in the groove that night! The music was great! All 80's, and not the pop crap 80's stuff either. The good stuff!

Niall and Christian!

The Germans on stage!

Frank and Rich! Former and Current CO's of the ECG!

Chris dancing up a storm!

And then the DJ played "99 Red Balloons", the version in German! needless to say, they were up on stage pretty quick!

Rich alone.

Rich finds a friend.

And time for your Go-Go girl fix!

Damn, he's grooving!

Now this was some of the strangest dancing I've seen in quite a while! FYI, this guy gave a little peek over the urinal wall and checked out Rich earlier in the night!

Rockhound stage diving! And his buddy picking his nose! Nahh, that's not what really happened! Or is it....?

Nat and Chris no longer speaking after the way she grabbed him while dancing. She touched him where the bathing suit covers!

Go-Go girl fix!

Rich and Nat.

Rich and some girl!

More freaky dancing chicks!

Go Rockhound!

Nice tat!

Go-Go girl!

Go Christian, it's your birthday!


The Cabbage Patch is big in Germany!

Ok, this guy was freaky!

And for the last pic, your Go-Go girl and Spat fix!


As you may have noticed, no one aside from the Go-Go girl was in their panties. Frank assures me that two weeks ago there were a ton of girls with no pants on, but this night was a little too cold I guess! Maybe I'll have to head back when it's a bit warmer!


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