New York ComiCon 08


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Once the convention ended, it was time to go out drinking! Woo!

Voodoo Doll of some sort.

Christine getting dirty with some wind up boobies.

The wind up boobies in question.

After a couple of drinks at a few places, it was time to head back to the Playwright! We had planned an impromptu after party there, and it was time to check it out!



Me, Eric and Frisco.

Sharon gets a mustache.

Lorenzo had met this girl when she was bartending at another bar, and he talked her into coming down here to hang out with us!

And then Dennis boob grabbed her. Bad Dennis.

Eric honing in on Marcos' chick!



The boss over at the Playwright! Be sure to say hi to him when you stop by.

Purple Cat Ninja!


And here's Niall. He's back from Iraq (for now) and drinking some very strange looking green sludge.

Frank! Chicken wing in hand!

Paco up close and personal.

Santiago and his woman.


Irish Knot!

Me and Nat! She must be very drunk to be actually touching me.

Me and Sharon!


We made it back to the con on Sunday, this time after 4 hours of sleep, and it was time to work the table and relax a bit.

Eric as Zombie Wolverine!

Joaquim and his sign. By the end of the day he complained that he didn't get any breaks. I told him that as far as I was concerned, every time he blinked he was taking a tiny little nap, and those, when added up, counted as his break. I'm a very mean boss.

A shot of the con.

Spider Woman!



The con ended at 5pm, and by the time we packed up the truck and were ready to leave, it was 11pm. Ouch. I was exhausted, and I know everyone else was as well.

Big thanks to my crew, Cisco and Cordero. And to the Big Apple crew, Mike, Zorikh, Joaquim, Dave and Maria. As well as to the crew of the Playwright, and everyone else at the con! See you all at the next one!

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