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Well, as some of you may know, at the last Big Apple Comic Con show, I got put to work. And since then I've been offered a staff position there. Which means I have to go to conventions and help out with advertising, finding dealers, and snagging celebs for future Big Apple shows! Normally I don't like these giant Expo conventions, but I decided to head over to New York ComiCon and see what I could see. Jose and Enrique came down for the con again. They're really getting a tour of the NY convention scene, huh?

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Well, we didn't get any pics of the con on Friday. We were kind of busy taking it all in. It's a HUGE show. Bigger than any show I've been to in a long time.

So after the con, we headed out to find a bar! We ended up at a place called "The Playwright Irish Pub" on 35th between 6th and 5th. Be sure to check it out next time you're in the area and tell them Spat sent you!

Poor girl sitting in the corner all alone. :(

Here's Dennis and Tim. They came all the way from Michigan to party with us. Poor Tim couldn't keep up and spent the whole next day sick in the hotel room. Lightweights.

Emilio and Esteban make s new friend!

Me, Dennis and Tim.

Cheche and Cortez with some of the local ladies. The one in the white shirt kept beating me up all night! She still scares me.

I have no idea what this is, but I'm hoping it's not actually something dirty. But it might be!

Tim with our AWESOME bartender, Sharon! If you do stop by the Playwright, tip her well and be nice to her, she's cool.

Alfredo's butt, and the other ugly part of him.

Andres looking very introspective.

Is that her leg, or someone else's?

So unladylike.

This is Bernardo's Monkey Face!

I don't want to know what she's pointing at.


The next day, it was time to head back to the convention! We were on 2 hours sleep. Let me say that again. TWO HOURS SLEEP.

CC Banana in his Iron Man costume. Still not sure what the bottle of Jack is for.

Cobra! And some Joe guys. Or something.

Gotta love the Slave Leia's.

More Slave Leia's.

Me and Shane! Shane was there with some of the cast and crew of Trenches to promote... well.. Trenches!

Here's Lev Gorn, one of the leads in Trenches signing an autograph for me. I didn't get a pic of Aaron Mathias, who signed a card to me, "I miss your sweet love." I think we had too much fun on set making that movie.

Poison Ivy! I see a lot of these costumes at various conventions. I think I'm going to start carrying a little spray bottle of defoliant with me. When I see a Poison Ivy, I'll spray it at her and she'll be naked! At least, that's my plan.

Rachel from Blade Runner. Sadly, Carlito is a HUGE Blade Runner fan and is even making his own Rep Detect Costume and was standing right next to this girl and didn't figure out what costume she was wearing. He's so fired.

Gotta love the Harem Belly Dancing girls!

This was an awesome chalk drawing on the floor of the show. The sad part is, after the show ends, someone is just going to mop this thing up.

Car. If I knew we could park inside the show, I would never have taken the train!

I don't know if it's art, but I like it.

Black Cat!

Black Cat! Hey, wait a minute...

Batman and Robin just got really cool.

Chico taking a pic with my future ex wives.

Joaquim, also with my women. How dare he!


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