New England Comic Con '10

10/14/10 - 10/18/10

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Anthony hiding Tracy.

Random drunks.

Eric and the back of Rob's head.

Anthony and Eric. Obviously very drunk!

Eric stalking the local drunks!

Casual drunks.

Drunk hitchhiker.


Eric and our server! She looks very scared!

Froggy and our server!

Bar crowd!

I'm sure that's Rob's girly drink.

The last of the drinkers...

Eric and Tracy.

Me and Froggy still deep in conversation.

Bar drunks!

It's right behind me, isn't it?

Eric accosting me again.

Eric and our server.

Random girl.

Eric and Rob!

Eric and Tracy again!

Me and Rob!


Saturday at the con was the day that President Obama was appearing at a Democratic Fundraiser one flight up from the convention. It was an insane day, followed by the Costume Contest, and the James Marsters Concert. As such, I took not one pic at the con!

Here we are towards the end of the night, after dinner. Here's Zafe, Lisa, me and Mike McKone. That was probably the first real sit down dinner I've ever done at a Saturday night of a con!

And here's Rob and Katherine! Awww....


The Bat-Bike!!! Sweet!

Jabba! The New England Garrison brought that it and it was a huge draw!

Mike McKone and Jimmy T's doodles.

Tracy in the General Lee!

Our Wizard sign signed by just about every guest at the con!

A new bit od "Spunch" art done by David Quiles!

Me and Mark Metcalf. He's the spokesman for the Alzheimer's Foundation (as well as a very famous actor), and auctioned off the Drink 'N Draw Canvas at the Marsters Concert!

Here's the final art, signed and ready to go!

After wrapping up the show, we headed back to the Pour House to pull off our wristbands and officially be off duty!

Me and Anthony!


And here's a mostly finished off bottle of Jack Daniels that was found in the Green Room! Claimed!


That's it for New England Comic Con 2010!! Big thanks to everyone who came by and helped out at the show! See you next year!


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