New England Comic Con '10

10/14/10 - 10/18/10

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So, Wizard World decided to hold a Con in Boston!! So we headed up to put it together!


Here's Rob on the floor during set-up.

He wanted to look like he was actually busy. Nice try.

After we closed up at the Convention Center, we headed to the Pour House for drinks! Here's Rob's head.

They were doing all sorts of drink promotions that night, and here's Lizz (we called her Legzz)! She was giving out all sorts of goodies from Bushmills and Guinness!

Sooo many drinks!

Jimmy and Anthony!

Jimmy and all his Captain Morgan and Guinness Swag!

I am such a swag whore!

Jimmy and The Captain!


Spat and Jimmy!

Late night nachos is always a good idea!

My new Guinness Bottle Opener!

Captain Morgan sign.

Jimmy and his new costume!

Anthony and Jimmy.


Greg Horn's newest piece! Awesome!

Me and Wizard's new intern, Natalia!

Tatiana gets a Spat Mustache Ride!

Here we are at Wizard's Drink 'N Draw! Where our Artists drink and.... well, draw!

Some more artists drawing up a storm!

The Wizard Noobs. Courtney, Natalia, Khandyce and Jerry!

The Captain was here.

Kim, Anthony and me!

Lizz and mentioned that she owned a sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume. We didn't believe her, so we made her break it out! She wins!

Here's the canvas. We tried to keep it to a Buffy/Vampire theme so we could auction it off Saturday night at the James Marsters Concert. After this, it was also signed by all the Buffy Actors who were at the con!

Anthony and Lizz.

Me and the Turtle

Now you know why we called her Legzz!

Geoff rocks out!

Tatiana hoarding her drink!


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