Mardi Gras 2002

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2/8/02 - 2/14/02


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And here we are at the big day. Mardi Gras itself!

Here are some of the funky costumes...

Pink Girls...

This guy rocked. He had a motorized recliner! It's like driving your living room around Mardi Gras. How cool is that?

Here's Bourbon Street (as seen from the Playboy Balcony).

Some girl across the street from the balcony.

Some girl on a balcony.

Some guy on a horse!

Chick bending over.

See, sometimes even Jeanie's get their own wishes granted. She wished for me. We really should have called each other to synchronize what we were going to wear. Would have saved us this embarrassment.

Two guys from New York. The place was thick with them!

A baby and a Jeanie with a Weenie! At least that's what people were calling me. (photo courtesy of Lori!)

That afternoon, Drew and I went over to Patty O'Brians, and were interviewed for Fox 8 news. They asked where we were from and all sorts of other questions, including, "Are you embarrassed to be out in public dressed like a Jeannie?" I told them I wasn't because all my friends are in NY, so none of them would ever see me dressed like this! I also mentioned that the rule at Mardi Gras is very simple, if it wasn't caught on film, it didn't happen. Then I looked up at the camera and made my "oops" face. It was quite funny. For the rest of the night we were stopped every ten feet by people who saw us on TV and wanted to get their picture taken with the Jeanie and the baby from New York. I had girls grabbing me all over, pulling down my pants, people throwing me beads, and singing the "I Dream Of Jeanie" theme song. In fact, later in the night, people singing that song as I went by was the only way my friends could find me!

Here are two Nurses we ran into down there. Oddly enoough, the one on the left, Abby, is the only girl from the entire week whose name I actually remember!

The girls getting ready. That's right, Calvin is one of the girls!

Me and Drew in our Mardi Gras costumes.
I have no idea what these two are up to. So a Genie, a Baby, a Devil and an Angel walk into a bar....

Now that's what I call picking up chicks at a club!

Nice little Mardi Gras group shot.


Devils do as they please.

Dan looks like he's kind of checking out the Angel's rack...


Looks like Dan stole Reg's Angel Wings. Naughty Dan!

Are they looking at catalogues? What kind of Mardi Gras is that?

I wish I could come up with a good caption for this, but all the ones I think of involve making rude assumptions about Dan and the nipple. And I just don't want to go there.

How many times do we seem to get a shot of a girl ABOUT to flash? We have lousy timing.

Molesting the lady-folk!

Me getting dragged away by the Cops. But then again, what else is new?

How embarrassing is it to be up against teh wall dressed like that?

Michele and Regina dressed up as the Devil and Angel.

Calvin went as the Black Devil.

The Devil Girl and the Jeanie. How naughty, but kind of nice.

And the Devil wore fishnets. Even more naughty.

Over at Playboy, Michele ran into a real devil of a guy.
So much of a devil in fact, that he got her to flash! Of course, the girl is so damned fast, that all we could get was the before and after shot.

I, on the other hand, spent my time with the strange women I found there on the balcony and in the club.

OH MY GOD!!! That girl just boob grabbed me!!! I feel so violated!

Girl on street: "Can I get a picture with the Jeanie from New York?"

Jeanie: "Sure."

Girl: "You have your tongue pierced?!?! I've never kissed a guy with a tongue ring before."

Jeanie: "Let's go."

More random girls in the street!

Here's Michelle and Regina pulling out my back hair. Someone apparently mentioned that I'd make a better Jeanie if I shaved.

I figured if I ignored the girls, they'd get bored and stop. Didn't work. Now I have a big bald spot on my back. I now have to grow my butt hair long and comb it over.

Almost caught a flash!

Drew and a pedophile.

She stole my hat! My super special Jeanie hat!

But I got it back.

Random girls dancing on stage.

I did magic tricks for this guy until the only way he could stop me was to give me his really cool Superman beads! Hey, whatever works!

Drew and another pedophile.

Mmmm.... Bourbon street.

Chicks dig a guy who can grant wishes.

Here's Lori, the girl who sent in pics! God Bless my tattoo idea! These Cops stopped us because they had seen me on TV. They mentioned that since I was interviewed on Fox, it would be simulcast to all the Fox stations all over the country. So everyone would see it. Oops.

Me and Calvin abusing the lady folk.

See, the good thing about being a Jeanie is you can wish for girls AND pizza!

Drunks passed out in the doorway!

"White Devil!!"

Me and the Medic. I actually had a long conversation with the guys from COPS. They were down there filming, and I was trying to get on the show, but they said I couldn't unless something happened. So I yelled at two random guys in the street to punch each other! Didn't work.

Girls, girls, girls!

"Don't take that photo!"

Calvin stealing a kiss and a pizza.

And then crashing out!

Even Jeanie's need to take a break. I have no idea what to make of these pics. These are from Drew's camera, and I wasn't there when they were taken. I'm assuming Drew and Calvin have a "special" relationship.

And here we are at the airport getting ready to leave.

These are the before and after shots of when we got our cup of coffee for the morning.


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