Mardi Gras 2002 Page Three

2/8/02 - 2/14/02


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Relaxing in the room before heading out to wreak havoc! Marathon group tooth brushing. New Olympic Event.

Calvin waking up.

Me and Michele relaxing.

Tammy still sleeping. Me taking a nap on the couch.
Girls sleeping head to foot. But the naughty bits still line up. Calvin molesting people in the bar again.

And then wearing the fruits of victory on his head!

And this is the part of the night when I was heading back to meet everyone at the bar, but was instead kidnapped by strippers! Got dragged around by them for like 2 hours!

They kept stopping to get girls to flash. That was fun. But after 2 hours freezing in the street looking for this party that they were going to, I ditched them and headed to the bar!

Got some girl to lick my boobs!

I met up with everyone at the Cat's Meow!

Reg and Michelle drunk.

"Hey, take a picture of me and the girls!"

"Wait, you have to turn the flash on."

"Much better."

Me flexing the Python!

Michele and Regina smiling like Cheshire Cats. Who knows what evil they've committed!

Looks to me like Dan got caught picking his nose! Man is Dan drunk in these pics. Could it be because Calvin kept ordering Dan double Crown and Cokes all night without telling him? HYe looks pretty drunk to me!
No photo's! Dan gets shy.

Calvin teaching us "The Forbidden Dance".

Reg and Michele, drunker.

Reg and Michele really, really drunk. Woo Hoo!!!

"I'm dead sexy!!"

Calvin has a thing for this Devil girl. He sure took a lot of pics of her!

And got her to pose as well! Nice going, Cal!

"Gimme some sugar, baby!"

Oooh, so naughty.

What's up with Calvin's face in this shot?

Hanging at the bar.

Me and Dan molesting Regina.

Me and Michele swing dancing in the bar!
Me putting the tattoo on Calvin's chest. Thank God he was so drunk!

Regina molesting dan. See, at least everyone gets a turn.

Dan and his favorite shot girl.

Well, we got them really drunk, got them to kiss, got them drunker, any chance they'll flash? Or are they just rubbing boobs?

Me molesting Michele.

Me and Michele molesting Dan.

Me, Reg and Michele. The only cool people on the trip. :)

Fine, we'll let Dan into the cool group as well!

Hey, what can I say, Dan bought me a drink!
Oooh, what a tease!

Then it's back to the room for some more sleep. We basically just pile in with whomever is closest.

Dan with Regina...

And then Spat goes for the Boob Grab with Michele! So naughty, and it's not even Naked Night... yet....

Pizza is always a great late night snack. For some reason, Calvin likes his Pizza so much he decided to take pictures of it. And of his feet. What's up with that?    


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