I-Con 28

3/3/09 - 3/5/09

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I-Con Girls on a Pool Table!

Lisa giving you the "eye".

I have no idea what's going on in this pic, but I'm pretty sure it's a "207". That's a 69 x 3.

Me regaling everyone with stories of cons past.

Rachel, me and Heather! It's like the old days at Chiller all over again!

My I-Con girls, Rachel, Jeanette and Heather!

I call this one, "Knee biter"!

I wonder how many people are allowed to be on a Pool Table at one time.

Ahhh, it's like a mattress of boobies. I could sleep like that every night!

Anthony shows Bobby a "Boob Grab".

Everyone molests the Succubus.

Awwww... Get a room!

Dustin's ass,

Everyone gropes Heather.

Girls and their bras!

A lip print in clear glitter!

Brian and Sean as a 14 year old Anime Girls.

Storm looking down his nose at you.

Me and Bobby. I'm sure she was pink for a week after this.

Yes he did!!

AeroSith. They're so strange!

Me and Karyn! She's the bartender at our secret bar! We found Lisa's goggles at the bar and did evil things to them.

And after that, it was time to get some sleep!


Hula Hoopers!

Drew and Mac!

I talked to Mac that next morning, and I was totally busted on the scam I pulled the night before to get everyone to be judges in the costume contest! I guess I should have kept them all separated! He did tell me that he was thankful that I did lie to them, since they all had a blast judging the contest, and wouldn't have done it without incentive! "Well played" was the term he used.

Nicki and Anthony.

Nicki and me, with and without Devil Horns.

Time for another Charity Auction!

Brain as one of my Helper Monkeys.

Look at all that awesome swag!

Dana the Helper Monkey trying to steal a necklace or something.

The Charity Auction crew!

And finally, Jeanette and Amanda!


Well, that's the end of the pics! Big thanks to: Jeanette and everyone at I-Con for inviting me; to Cuppa, my Helper Monkey; to Drew, Tony and Anthony; to all my Helper Monkey's at the Charity Auction; and to everyone else I forgot to mention!

See you at I-Con 29!


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