I-Con 28

3/3/09 - 3/5/09

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I-Con! Well, every year there's an I-Con, and every year I get invited as a guest , head over there and have a blast! This year, I-Con decided to put me to work! On Thursday before the con, they had me go and pick up Sala Baker (Sauron from Lord of the Rings) at the airport and drive him to his hotel. And on Friday, after a few changes and a huge storm, had me pick up Nicki Clyne (Cally from Battlestar Galactica) from the train station and drive her to the show. It being a Friday afternoon, and there being a huge storm hitting the area, Nicki, Anthony and I got to spend 2 hours in the SpatMobile driving on the highway!

Bug thanks to Drew and Tony for sending me their pics (which are filtered in with my pics below).


After getting to the show, settling in to the hotel, it was time to head over to the Meet and Greet.

First fans in costume! And you know I had to get a pic! A pair of Silk Spectre's! And I'm spent!

And I know you're all loving my new 70's Porn Star mustache!

Anthony and Drew meet up with Mark Goddard (Lost in Space).

Lisa as The Comedienne!

Anthony and Drew with Gary Graham (Robot Jox, Alien Nation). Turns out he's a HUGE Firearms Enthusiast (I'm told that's better than saying "Gun Nut"). Check out his Blog.

What is this guy doing to Rachel?



I found the lipstick on the bus! I don't care how much lipstick the bus wears, Drew will still only let it get to second base.

Anthony standing up on the bus. Bad Anthony.

Drew tells me this is called. "Baby's Breath". Wanna know how I know Drew is gay?

Who let him on the bus?

And then I found the microphone and figured out how to turn it on!

Brian, Jenn, and Maria riding on the bus!

Hey! It's me again!

That guy!

Anthony and Drew!

Our "secret" bar.

And a little while after arriving there, it was time for....



It was time for our standard "Live Lifecast" panel. Our victim this year, Cuppa!!

Here she is in her finest Con clothes.

She looks so cute with no hair!

That's my evil look.

We can mold someone's face in many ways. for this one, I decided to go with a tube in the mouth so she could breath.

Look how good she's breathing!

Bad Drew!

Hmmm.... You know, the way the mold came out, it kind of looks a bit naughty. I bet if I made a copy of this and then cast it in silicone, it would kind of look like a sex toy. :)

...is for Cookie. It's good enough for me!

Mmmm... Pretzel bits in peanut butter and chocolate...

Sleepies. That's Anthony. And this is him still sleeping at like 2pm.

At the con, we found the Big Apple Con table (which I am currently The Director of Operations for), with the new banner designed by Paul!

Head Crabs!! He's gonna need a big comb!

The I-Con Charity Auction used to be a small affair, with not a lot of people attending. Since I took over as the MC for it, I've seen a huge improvement in the number of people attending, and the amount of money we've raised. Last year we raised almost $2,000 for Island Harvest, and I'm pretty sure we did even more than that this year. The Saturday Auction was TWO HOURS LONG, and we still had stuff left over!!

Dustin and I reviewing the items, while Maria tries to front photo bomb us!

Bobby as a Helper Monkey working at her first convention ever! That's right, Con Virgin! And stop biting your nails!

Cuppa, my other Helper Monkey, showing me a poster she painted for me!

He-Man wishes the girls in his Universe were this hot.

Drew giving me the stink eye at the I-Con Banquet.

Me and Nicki Clyne!

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