I-Con 28

3/3/09 - 3/5/09

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Saturday Night at I-Con is.... The Masquerade!! And who does I-Con have to emcee the Masquerade? That wacky Spat guy! Woo!

Gotta love the Slave Leia! Though she seems a little overdressed.

Anyone who was there Saturday, or saw pics, knows about this next costume! Here are a bunch of pics of the awesome costume and make-up that Tony and Bobby put together. So, without further ado, I give you...

Bobby-Jean, the Succulent Succubus!

I could plan a weekend around this..

And now, the Ceremonial Banging of the Plastic Toys...

Here's me telling the DJ to play more Perry Como.

Some more Bobby for you.

Me and Bobby.

And here's Bobby with Nicki Clyne and Tory Belleci (Mythbusters). Why is Nicki "Vogueing"?


Bobby and Tony!

The Masquerade crowd. The Masquerade is another part of I-Con that has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. This year the room was so full, they had to cap it and not let anymore people in!

Reserved for me.

That's reserved for you.

Nicki requested the DJ play "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. When he did, she started dancing, doing every single move from the music video perfectly! So Drew and I got her onto the dance floor where she got the crowd crazed!

I needed judges for the Masquerade, but usually the celebs don't like to do it. Why? Because most Costume Contests at Conventions last like 17 hours and are boring as hell. So I have to lie to get Judges. We had three celebs at the Masquerade that night, Nicki, Tory, and Mackenzie Astin (Iron Will, Psych, House). I knew Mac was the weak link, so I talked to him first.

"Hey Mac, do you want to be a judge in the costume contest?"

"I can't, I'm here with Nicki and Tory and we're all leaving together."

"Oh, well they said they wanted to judge."

"Oh, well if they're judging, then I'll judge, too!"

Tee hee. So then I went to Tory and Nicki and told them that Mac wanted to Judge, and they said that if he wanted to judge, then they'd do it to, since they all came to the Masquerade together!

I am so awesome.

So, here are my judges, Mackenzie Astin, Tory Belleci and Nicki Clyne!

And here's Bobby doing her thing. And even spanking Mac!

And here's me with Tory, Nicki and Mac. For some reason, Nicki thinks she's a Genie.

During the contest, a guy came out dressed as Yoshi, and asked Nicki to jump on his back! He got about halfway across the dance floor with her before loosing his footing and landing on his face! Thankfully Nicki was ok. No idea what happened to the Yoshi, but they're replaceable.

Cuppa and her sad face.

Tory, Drew and Nicki!

Bobby rubbing her red ass on Mike's Motorcycle.

Bobby being defended by some Ninja Jedi!

And getting a ride from Yoshi!

Now, on to the Secret Bar!


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